Rethink Periods


How we talk about periods, the products we use, and what we do with those products afterwards.

Rethink Periods is a free, nationwide schools programme developed by campaigning organisation, City to Sea, which updates period education in primary and secondary schools. It offers unbiased and timely information on all products available and the social and environmental contexts of menstruation.  

As well as developing the resource bank to accompany the programme, we launched and delivered the campaign across England. By training regional teacher trainers we were able to ensure broad coverage as illustrated by the map; teachers in every region were able to register their interest and more than 600 schools received their product demonstration box and resources.

As well as working with individual schools we liaised with PSHE and healthy schools networks, councils and academies to ensure as many schools as possible were encouraged to reflect on their current practice and consider participating in Rethink Periods.

The groundbreaking content of this programme should not be understated. City to Sea were determined to provide a non gendered resource which challenged misconceptions, placed a spotlight on myths and taboos and empowered young people by giving them knowledge and insight often forgotten in traditional period education.

“You think you know how to support our young people but you will learn far more than you imagine”

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