Rethink Periods


How we talk about periods, the products we use, and what we do with those products afterwards.

Rethink Periods is a free, nationwide, award winning schools programme developed by campaigning organisation,  City to Sea, which updates period education in primary and secondary schools. It offers unbiased and timely information on all products available and the social and environmental contexts of menstruation.  

We supported City to Sea to develop lesson plans and teaching resources covering four areas; menstruation and period products, periods and the environment, myths and taboos, and period poverty. To ensure teachers felt confident in delivering the content and to eliminate misconceptions, teachers attend one of the Rethink Periods training events. Trainers discuss in detail all menstrual products and how to best share this information with students so they can make well informed  decisions.


The lessons are written to be suitable for all genders, are fully editable and come with a range of supporting resources such as parent letters, FAQs and in depth product information.

Schools receive a product demonstration box to keep worth £110 that includes examples of every menstrual product currently on the market (tampons, pads, liners, cups and period pants). Best of all everything in the box is reusable/plastic-free/organic.

'Use to you as an individual, as an educator and as a member of society!’

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