Poo Patrol

Poo Patrol was a community-led science campaign with action to reduce dog fouling and improve child health. Fouling of public areas by dog faeces has serious public health impacts, not least by discouraging healthy outdoor play. This research project engaged schools and communities to support and monitor their efforts to stimulate behaviour change among dog owners.

A toolkit was developed by us as a result of this research to support local action by schools and communities. It has provided positive outcomes in Bristol and can therefore be rolled out elsewhere.

We engaged schools and community groups in Bristol by inviting them to sign up for the Spray Day event. Poster and stencil design competitions were run for children, and stencils produced to display the best slogans. A series of lessons developed pupils’ awareness of the issues around dog fouling and worm infection, and to elicit creative solutions and interventions.

"SL's professionalism, energy, expertise and strong networks, transformed our small idea into something much bigger. The enthusiastic participation of schools, interest from social and other media, and detailed co-ordination made this a ground-breaking event, and we largely have SL to thank for that. If we can secure their help again, we'll jump at the chance!"

Professor Eric Morgan, Institute for Global Food Security

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