Cool Currency

Images courtesy of Bristol Pound

Today the Bristol Pound is widely seen as the most successful local currency in the UK. Since its birth, over £5million Bristol Pounds have been spent in the city, including paper and electronic payments. Over 80,000 transactions have been made by text, mobile app and online banking, which is around 300 payments a week since 2012. Members can use Bristol Pounds to get on the bus or train, to pay their council tax, to buy their vegetables, coffee and bread. The Bristol Pound’s very existence is proof that bottom up community organising works, and that together, we can create a greener, fairer and stronger local economy.

These lessons, created by us, are designed to engage the younger members of the city with the currency and invite students to participate in thought provoking debate and explore the art of persuasive language.

Not only that, but to make the tricky concept a little more accessible to pupils, we worked with a local primary school to create this wonderful film short...

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