Climate Chaos

Passionate students are not a new thing. But the recent global walkout of over 1.4  million young people because of the lack of Climate Action is unprecedented. This is new territory for schools –as recognised by the National Association of Headteachers with a motion pledging to support pupils to express their views and influence policy on climate change.

Schools revealed to Global Action Plan that they were uncertain of how to respond to the school strikes, and how to channel this excitement into constructive action. They've answered that need by commissioning us to create a Climate Chaos Response Toolkit to help teachers build on the enthusiasm and meet students demands to have their voice heard in a way which is safe and manageable for the leadership team.

The Climate Chaos Response toolkit is a free, practical resource to provide simple tools to support school leadership teams and governors to develop or build on their school’s positive response to the climate chaos.

The kit covers a range of resources for teachers to: 
• help school leaders decide their approach to and position on the strikes and how to channel student energy
• equip staff to respond effectively to pupil concern and desire to be involved 
• engage students with assembly plans and activities to build pupil insight into current global and national climate initiatives
• share what the school is doing and invite input where appropriate from interested stakeholders (i.e. parents) in how they can best support pupils.

Clare and Jo are a pleasure to work with. They have such a positive attitude and the content that they produce is high quality, relevant and engaging

Anna Beasley, Senior Programme Manager, Global Action Plan

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