Best of Bristol Virtual Fieldtrips

As part of Bristol’s year as European Green Capital we created a series of virtual fieldtrips, called the 'Best of Bristol', to promote the eco initiatives and best practice throughout the city.   Students from across the city visited multiple locations and spoke to business experts to create ten individual films specific to the topics; energy, food, nature, resources and transport.  The films led others on a virtual fieldtrip, allowing them to ‘step outside their classroom’, explore locations not readily accessible to school visits and learn up to date facts about sustainability. 

Each short film is available on our Sustainable Learning website and filmed in a format that allows schools to watch the films directly through the website or download.  These films are used as an introduction to a topic, in assemblies or as a full lesson making use of our supportive materials and lesson plans fulfilling National Curriculum objectives.

"The virtual field trips are fantastic.  They give children the opportunity to see and experience things that maybe they can't see and experience for themselves.  So, having something you can use on the whiteboard or within the classroom environment to stimulate discussions, to stimulate activities is fantastic.  Absolutely perfect resources"

Alison Camp, Year 6 teacher

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